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sex blanket
for people
with periods

*smash the taboo*

*made in NYC*

No hot mess, no stress. One side features our signature 4-layer tech to absorb fluids while you play, the other is crafted with plush satin (perf for cuddling) and features a v-inspired pattern in red stitching (low-key #periodpride).

$369.00 - sold out

Color: Oyster Shell

One Size: 55x38 in / 140x97 cm

Made in NYC

arouse a new kinda convo

why period sex?

There should be no shame in the period sex game (c'mon, peeps, you know you're feelin' your sexy flow!). To close the pleasure gap, we must celebrate natural bodies and their natural desires.

what's the pleasure gap?

Women are 4x more likely to consider sex less pleasurable than men. Why? Because sex often begins and ends with one person's pleasure. All partners deserve to have their needs met, and *nobody* should be feel ashamed or embarrassed for who they are and what they like (including period sex).


Functional (4-layer tech)

— 95% cotton, 5% elastane, breathable PUL


— 100% polyester-satin

care instructions

To take care of your THINX Period Sex Blanket, rinse immediately after use, cold wash on delicate cycle then hang dry away from direct sunlight Don't use bleach or fabric softener! And yes, the rest of your clothes will be fiiine.

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