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why switch to Thinx?

Our undies are the ultimate alternative to disposable products like pads and tampons. Changing up a routine you’re used to might seem intimidating, but we’re confident that switching to Thinx will be the best thing that’s ever happened to your period.

four reasons you’ll period better with Thinx:

stay fresh and dry all day

no more stressing about leaks

stop producing plastic waste

a more comfortable period

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stay fresh and dry

The innovative technology in every pair of Thinx eliminates odors and feeling *damp*. Our soccer star, Lorena, wears Boyshort to keep her feeling fresh on game day. That’s trust.

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no leaks, no stains, no stress

Thanks to our leak-fighting undies, you’ll never have to stress over staining your favorite jeans again. Anastasia relies on Cheeky to give her a sense of security, so she can explore NYC on her skateboard without even thinking about her period.

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give back to Mother Nature

Our washable, reusable undies help you cut disposable period products from your routine — a sustainable switch that’s better for the planet. Wearing Thinx has helped Emily (who is partial to our Organic Cotton Brief) achieve a zero-waste cycle!

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the comfiest period ever

Thinx look and feel like an everyday pair of undies, but gives you the protection you need. Lauren knows that Hi-Waist adds comfort and the perfect amount of drama to her—in her words—*vicious* period.