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better period, better planet

Why not make your period more sustainable? Over a lifetime, a person with a period uses 17,000 pads and tampons — the weight of a polar bear!

And every year, 12 billion period products are thrown out. That’s why we created Thinx. With our reusable period underwear, a million people have saved 300 million pounds of period products from landfills. 🌎

rethink your cycle

why switch to Thinx?

Sometimes, we forget how much our period waste *really* adds up. But when you replace your pads and tampons with our washable, reusable period underwear, you reduce your carbon footprint. Our packaging is also sustainable *and* you can recycle your Thinx at the end of their life. Thinx are better for your period— and the planet!
rethink your cycle

how Thinx do their thing

Every pair of Thinx gives you the period protection you need:

  1. absorbs your period

    Holds up to 4 regular tampons’ worth

  2. wicks moisture

    breathable cotton draws away wetness – and dries fast

  3. controls odors

    neutralizes smells, keeping everything fresh all day

  4. prevents leaks

    so your clothes, sheets, and everything else stays stain-free.

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