Why you can trust Thinx Inc. products

At its core, Thinx Inc. was founded to provide safe, comfortable, and sustainable options for people with periods and bladder leaks. Customer safety is important to us, and so is your trust. That’s why we’ll always be honest and transparent about how our products are made. From rigorous absorbency testing, to objective third-party tests of our finished products, here are all the steps we take to uphold the highest standards of product safety.

Our certifications and safety standards

All Thinx Inc. underwear are rigorously tested for harmful chemicals, and independently certified through STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which includes REACH requirements [20.HUS.04850 | HOHENSTEIN HTTI]. This OEKO-TEX®️ certification means every component—from fabric to trim—is thoroughly tested and certified for ecological safety. Our finished products also undergo third-party testing by Bureau Veritas, an accredited, globally recognized facility. We're committed to third-party testing because it puts your safety first, ensuring that all results are honest and objective.

Oeko-tex - Confidence in textiles - Standard 100 [20.HUS.04850 | HOHENSTEIN HTTI] tested for harmful substances

What are Thinx Inc. products made of?

It might seem like magic, but every Thinx Inc. product has layered technology built into the gusset that makes it moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and absorbent.

Thinx Thinx
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1. Moisture-wicking layer

Draws away wetness and neutralizes smells

95% Cotton / 5% Elastane

  • • One-way moisture-wicking functionality that moves moisture from the surface of the fabric and transports it away from the body to the second layer.