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After someone has a baby, their menstrual cycle — the flow they’ve always known — can change dramatically. So how do you prepare for the unpredictable? Thinx are reusable absorbent underwear for people with periods. And they’re the perfect fit for post-baby flows.

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postpartum protection

Irregular cycles are normal after giving birth. But our innovative undies, at their highest absorbency level, can hold up to 4 tampons’ worth! Thinx are designed to replace disposable period products, providing leak protection to every new parent.

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comfort you can trust

Thinx trap liquids and odors, but the tagless design and oh-so-soft fabric provide *maximum* comfiness. Each pair feels and *washes* just like everyday underwear. These are the perfect baby shower gift.

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easy to care for

Thinx are reusable *and* machine-washable — so there’s no more running to the drugstore, no more stocking up on products, and no more disruptions to your daily routine. (No one’s as busy as new parents.)

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"12/10 would recommend to any parent with a period!" - Kaela H.

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