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how to use Thinx

Depending on your flow (light, moderate, heavy), our period-proof undies can replace pads, tampons, panty liners, and cups, or backup tampons and cups for extra protection.

but, wait — how do I use them?

Every person and every period is unique, which is why it’s good to ~know your flow~. See how Thinx work for these one-of-a-kind people!

get started

Try Thinx at home first, where you’re most comfortable, to test how it works for your flow. We recommend starting with our best-selling Hiphugger, which holds up to 2 regular tampons’ worth.
If you have a light flow, you may be able to wear Thinx instead of traditional period products, like pads and liners. If you have a heavy flow you may choose to wear Thinx as a back-up to your tampon or cup.

ready to upgrade your flow?