period-proof underwear that works make the switch

if we all had periods, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.

Nearly half of the world’s population has a period, yet we still shy away from having open conversations about them. So we thought to ourselves — what would the world look like if everyone had them?

Hey, we’re Thinx. Since 2015, we’ve been helping people around the world period better — with underwear that absorbs your flow.

Meaningful innovation hasn’t happened in the menstrual hygiene space in nearly 80 years. What gives? We knew that it was about time for a change, and that’s why we created Thinx — period-proof underwear that works.

Our underwear has built-in technology that absorbs your flow, wicks moisture, controls odors, and prevents leaks — keeping you fresh and dry, all cycle long. With up to 4 tampons’ worth of absorbency, Thinx can completely replace what you’re using today.

And if you ask us, they’re pretty cute, too. Our period-proof underwear looks and feels just like an everyday pair (aka, welcome to a better period).

It’s time to get comfortable. Switch to Thinx.

Some people look at periods as a problem to be solved — but we're not about that. It's time to accept it as a part of us.

for every person with a period

for every person with a period

From lighter days to heavy days, we’ve got a period-proof style to support every type of flow.