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leotard & unitard

If it wasn’t obvious, we feel p strongly about the fact that having ur period should *never* hold u back. So, we designed dancewear that guaranteed just that. And then we asked dancers to make sure our leotards & unitards could withstand the monthly cycle… sooo then they choreographed a contemporary dance routine ~about~ menstruation and wore ‘em while they did it. Sounds about right! (Spoiler Alert: They really work.)

Form & function for no-fret pirouettes.

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Comfort & coverage so u can plié all day.

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We asked the Michiyaya dancers what Period-Absorbing Dancewear means to them. They said things like “Freedom,” “Security,” and “Safety.” Or, not being constricted to move and express themselves. Not having to worry about anything but creating. And then one of them went ahead & said, “Period-Absorbing means no limits,” so we’re gonna go ahead and use that from now on, ya?

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