hi! i'm stefanée.


I’m constantly looking for rituals and practices to reconnect with my body and the Earth. The insanely comfortable THINX undies are not just a convenience product for me, they help me treat my body well while honoring my period. THINX has become part of my overall wellness practice.

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where am i?

Los Angeles, CA

go-to period hack

Attend my friend’s African dance class.

know my flow

Medium - heavy + lasts about 4-5 days.

my fave styles:


This is the perfect panty for me when I’m on-the-go. It’s full-coverage and yet doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a gigantic diaper.

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Sometimes I still like to wear a thong when I’m on my period. THINX thongs give me way more options on light days when I’m ready to shed the sweatpants.

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cotton bikini

Ahhh, cotton. Sometimes all I want to do on my period is let my vag breathe. This bikini is a god-send during super-hot LA summers.

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