Our giveback program smashes shame around bodies and reproductive health.

Alongside our partners (and with your support!) we’re fighting for better access to puberty education, amplifying grassroots activism, and donating our undies and time. When you purchase Speax you’re helping give life to our programming and initiatives — thank you! Check out how you’ve made an impact below:

Advocating for equity

We’re speaking out against discriminatory policies and advocating for inclusivity and gender equality, beginning with our United for Access campaign in partnership with youth activists at PERIOD, the world’s largest youth-run nonprofit (500 chapters and counting!) dedicated to advancing menstrual equity for young people across the US. Together, we’re circulating petitions and raising awareness about the effects of period poverty on students in the US.

Today, 1 in 5 students struggle to afford period products or are unable to purchase them at all; and 84% of young people have either missed class or know someone who has missed class due to a lack of access. It’s because of this stark reality that we’re working with PERIOD to demand free and easy access to period products for all US students. To date, we’ve changed five local policies with our activism and garnered a ton of support on our national petition. (Thank you! <3)

We’re currently hard at work planning our next action based on the data we surfaced in our poll — sign up for email updates to stay in the loop on what’s to come and how you can pitch in!

Educating future generations

The EveryBody education program is an inclusive medically accurate, hands-on curriculum designed by certified teachers and health experts. To implement the program, we partner with schools, after-school programs, and youth-serving nonprofits (and psst it’s free for educators!).

EveryBody is an opportunity for young people to learn about their changing bodies in a safe, empowered space. We’ve developed thoughtful programming with input from inclusive sex educators and an adolescent reproductive health specialist.

Now, if your eyebrow didn’t raise at “medically accurate,” it should: of the 24 states in the U.S. that mandate sexual education, only 13 require this information to be backed by science. We won’t be satisfied until all 50 states prioritize factual, unbiased puberty education.

Access for everyone

Reliable access to safe menstrual hygiene and incontinence products means people can fully participate in school, work, social moments, and just plain life. That’s why were working with trusted organization to make basic hygiene products accessible to everyone.

We’re proud to work with partners like Girls Inc., Safe Horizon, and the Alliance of Border Collaboratives (to name a few!) to expand access to basic hygiene products and community services like reproductive healthcare and mentoring.

Thanks to you, we're able to make these initiatives possible and can continue delivering on our mission. Your Speax underwear do more than provide you comfort and confidence — they also support initiatives that impact folks around the world. That’s pretty rad, isn’t it?