Seasons Bleedings

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This year, unbox something special for a special box — whether that’s yours, your BFF’s, your sister’s, daughter’s, or gf’s.
We’ve got *four weeks* of taboo-busting, $$$-saving, holiday-ready offers coming your way, so make a list of who’s been naughty or nice, refresh your email (we’ll have something new every Tuesday!), and get ready to period better.
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save $$$ on mail box
unbox me!
12.12 - 12.18
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free shipping
Get free shipping on your next THINX order.
Who’s got time for crazy shipping fees this late in the gifting season? Not us. Send the power of period-proof to yourself or a friend for free (or send it express for just $5!). Plus, free international shipping for purchases $99+ USD, for your global family & friends!
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before you run outta time box
coming soon!
12.19 - 12.26
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digital gift card
Save 10% when you buy a last minute digital gift card.
You *could* spend tonight in aisle 4 fighting over the last mismatched gift set, or you could stay home, save some dough, and give the gift of leak-fighting, stigma-smashing gold.
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