hi! i'm sasha.


I am a yoga and meditation instructor, wellness consultant, and sustainability enthusiast. Before THINX, I used​ a combination of applicator-free organic tampons and organic lightweight pads, depending on the day. I love THINX because of their initiatives to empower people wth periods and encourage self-love and self-awareness. I appreciate and support their giveback programs, and especially admire their more sustainable options for the environment, like choosing more eco-conscious practices for their production.

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where am i?

Brooklyn, NY

go-to period hack

Chill with a heating pad and a good movie. Nothing like staying hydrated and rested!

know my flow

I am currently in an interesting situation awaiting my period to return after it mysteriously disappeared in 2016 (after a stint with a non-hormonal copper IUD). Until then, I happily wear THINX just in case and am grateful to know I have them as an option for whenever my hormones regulate and my period returns.

my fave styles:


Elegant and comfortable, feminine and functional.

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cotton brief

Easy to wear with anything, sporty or casual.

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Classy, stylish, and a perfect full-butt fit.

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