Checkout what other real menstruating humans think of the undies (:

Molly F. via Facebook



I just want to say thank you for this product. It is the absolute best! I almost don't even feel like I'm on my period when I'm wearing them. I am so glad I finally tried them out, and can't wait to get my next order in the mail. I had thought about trying them for a while, but only thought about it during my period, and by then I thought, why not wait? But then I had a particularly bad time with my period, and I said, it's time. I feel so much more confident and comfortable during my cycle, and I think this will help change how people feel about periods and hopefully open up some bigger conversations about the taboo of talking about and acknowledging menstrual cycles. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Thank you. 10/10 recommend.

Cinthia S. via Facebook



I love my thinx! I have 3 boy shorts and a thong, a pretty gnarly flow, and have been using them for almost a year with no accidents. Since I paint outside for a living, I sometimes use a tampon as a backup on my heavier days - other than that, I honestly forget I have my period. I would definitely say to shoot for the black rather than the nude, as my one nude pair seems to have a little stain residue around the edges. I suppose if I could change anything about them I'd make them breathe a little better - even though they don't feel thick or bulky, the reinforced fabric does get a little hot - especially at night. Aside from that, they've been an awesome investment. I've been wearing tampons since I was 15 and something about them always felt wrong, but I was always grossed out by pads or the diva cup. I suppose they may not work for everyone but they've definitely changed my periods!

Hailey R. via Facebook



THINX changed my life.
I bought 5 (2 hip hugger, 2 cheeky, one sport) and anxiously awaited my first period (yes I said that, I was excited to get my period).
Fashion/Fit - They are the most comfortable and enjoyable underwear that I own - it's extra special to not feel gross down there during your period. Hip Huggers do show a bit of a panty line if you're wearing stretchy skinny jeans - but not enough for me to be bothered by it.
Performance during Period - HOLY JEEZ. Hip Huggers are dreamy for heavy days. The first time I used them, I remember going to the bathroom to inspect the situation and there was no mess, no smell... I felt comfortable in them all day and like everyone else says - you quite literally forget you're on your period.
Maintenance - I'm for sure a laundry lazy person. And I do not mind rinsing and handling these guys (not gonna lie, I get satisfaction out of rinsing them.) I rinse at night then throw them in a gentle cycle with other clothes. hang dry. bam. They've survived 3 periods/washings and are in mint condition.
I'm equally impressed by the company - it's my favorite blog to read and I'm obsessed with the branding and marketing. I want to be BFF with this company. And will continue to support. WOOH.

Tracy Q. via ‎Facebook



Wearing a pair right now. Literally the best thing that's come into my life after the diva cup. They are so comfortable! MENSTRUATING FRIENDS, treat yoself and g y a pair.

Lisa M. via Facebook‎



These are absolutely mind blowing. I was skeptical buying them at first but they are so comfortable and work like magic. I used the sport for the first time this week and have already recommended them to all my friends! Saves so much money on tampons, pads, plus replacing old clothes after getting gross stains. No more problems like that. I plan on getting three more pairs, one more sport and two cheeky to last most of the week. Awesome product.

Meg C. via Facebook‎



I have 3 pairs - the heavy flow one and 2 pairs of the medium flow. These work great on my light first day and light last couple days. During my two super heavy days, I wear these along with a tampon - so much better than a liner! I was wearing a pair at the women's march in Boston on Saturday, and I loved not having to worry about trying to change a tampon in a porta potty used by thousands of other people. �

Savy H. via Facebook‎



I love these, they are huge lifesavers. They take away all leaking worries with a tampon, all spotting worries before or after my period, and they make my medium days (at home) or my light days (anywhere) super comfortable. If I'm out and about I'll wear tampons with the underwear to ensure all day protection (I change the tampon). But at home, I don't have to wear anything! I can just change my Thinx underwear once during the day. Easy.
At night I don't have to worry about my PJs or my sheets. I just wear the boyshorts, and they give me full coverage and protection from every angle.
My only complaint is that the new hiphuggers rip VERY easily. I was excited because the new style of the lace is much more beautiful (imo) and there's no more annoying leaky lace on the leg holes. But the lace trim on top is very fragile now and will rip into threads at any catch on rough skin :( So disappointed.
Otherwise, great purchases on the other styles.

Nicole B. via Facebook‎



Why couldn't these have come into my life 16 years ago?!?! Love!!!! Between postpartum bleeding and irregular periods these are my best friend!

Chessa S. via Facebook



Amazing product! I have at least 1 in every style depending on my needs. I love the thong for when I go running, i can still wear my tampon, my favorite style of running underwear, (yes, a thong) and not have to worry about leaking/stains or trying to get a panty liner that fits. It also helps with the sweating!

Tiffany K. via Facebook‎



I do really enjoy these panties! I use them all of the time! But make sure you are aware of how much you bleed. One pair of mine, I wore all day, and ended up getting blood inside my jeans. They didn't hold enough for me that day, I suppose. I only have one complaint that I hope Thinx can consider - within one wash and it is still happening, the lace edging on the thong and the hiphuggers started to fray, strings at a time. I don't know how to stop the strings from falling apart.

Tita S. via Facebook



Finally something that works, is not uncomfortable, nor itchy nor nothing, and I don't have to run straight to the bathroom as soon as I wake up or there'll be a mess.
Thank you for finally bringing something useful and comfy and precious to my life. I feel so cool I don't have to wear pads anymore. I almost forgot what those are hahha ���

Sarah S. via Facebook‎



I love these and I also want to say thank you! I bought them last year and had a few good months of wear out of them, no leaks, wearing one pair during the day an another at night. I then became pregnant (yay) and then sadly miscarried. After my surgery I was able to wear my Thinx and not necessarily have to think about what I had just been through. It sounds like a little thing but they helped my mental state tremendously. So thank you for creating them, thank you for loving on women and please keep up the good work!

Jennifer K. via Facebook‎



I have 2 thongs, a high waist, and the hiphugger. Love love them all. I am getting more. I use them for Barre class with my yoga pants, wear all day at work, and at night. They are so comfortable and I have never had any leaks. I have the previous lace versions and still feel so sexy in them. Those days no longer become "That dreaded time of the month." Very Highly recommended!!
To those that have bad reviews on here, I think it's important to follow the instructions- only you can know your own flow. Just plan accordingly. I brought an extra pair of underwear with me the first day I tried the hiphuggers all alone. No issues and I have my Thinx rotation down to a tee now. It's pretty liberating to throw away all those disposable feminine products. Could not be happier with my purchase!!

Tricia O. via Facebook‎



I love them - I only have light days thanks to Mirena. I bought a full set (gulp! $$$) for my daughter after she got her period and she was thrilled. In her mind pads = diaper. And she was keen on reducing trash in the environment. So far no issues. They are not very thick though, I would be concerned that maybe they wouldn't hold up to really heavy flow.

Cher B. via Facebook‎



Life saving! Life changing! The quality of life of not feeling a pad or tampon but simply.. the "nakedness" of what feels like ordinary undies.. but so much more than ordinary! A total change in quality of life for that week of every month �
Sale or coupon code please... ��

Sarah T. via Facebook‎



I love love love Thinx!! They have absolutely revolutionized my life! I've had mine for over a year now and love them to death! A few times when I forgot to do laundry and have to go back to using pads I feel so agitated and uncomfortable. I forget how I ever lived without them!

Sierra C. via Facebook‎



Post-baby, when my period came back it is heavier and a longer duration. After creeping on Thinx for the longest, I bought 5 pairs and am completely hooked. They work like they say they will, even overnight.
One pair of hip huggers started unraveling on first wear, I emailed the company and they were kind enough to send me a replacement pair. Great customer service.

Samantha M. via Facebook‎



I've been rocking Thinx for well over a year now and I love them and have converted many a women over to Thinx �
Last night I wore a pair of the cheeky since I knew I would start my cycle soon but didn't want an embarrassing moment on New Years Eve. I didn't start last night but I started overnight, best part... no leaks or mishaps anywhere insight �
Cheers � to a new year and a new uterine lining � and thank the gods for Thinx �

Mary H. via Facebook‎



I absolutely love your product, have been using them for about 6 months, 5 pairs gets me through each month. And I'm a nurse that does 12 hour shifts, never one leak or time like I felt uncomfortable. If I could do a commercial for you I would.

Blake G. via Facebook‎



These are the best thing to happen for periods since menstrual cups, which I happen to use in conjunction with my THINX for serious period leak-proof protection. I no longer have to do that weird, discreetly wipe your butt as you stand up to feel for leaks thing and I am so thankful. Being a woman is great and fun and terrible and these make it easier.

Jul A. via Facebook‎



I was hesitant to use these because I thought it would be impossible to achieve what these panties claimed they could, I was pleasantly surprised ! I love these panties and the freedom they give me.
For many years, I hated having my period because it made me feel dirty and self-conscious. These panties relieved that for me. I am not afraid of my period and I now look forward to using these panties because they work!!!

Katie T. via Facebook‎



I have some medical issues which make wearing tampons and pads very difficult. Thinx undies are a lifesaver for me. I have been using them since July and have never had any leakage issues. They are awesome!

Stacy T. via Facebook‎



I bought these about 3 months ago. I ordered one full medium and light. I tried the full and can't say I trust it very much. I still had a leak luckily I was home and in my pajamas. So now I've been wearing them with a cup and it helped the few times my cup had leaked. On lighter days I would wear these alone but not at the start. In the end I would rather wear Thinx than a pad or liner. Not 100% satisfied with the full on undies though.

Rebecca H. via Facebook‎



Purchased my first pair of Thinx and took them for test run. Here's my personal opinion on these panties:
- Very cute and comfortable. Not overly thick or "granny-ish". Nice fit and true to size.
- A little on the pricey side, $34 for a single pair.
- Not really made as a replacement to tampons/pads if you're a heavy hitter like myself (as in I usually change my super plus 2-3 times daily for the first 2-3 days). These are a good backup if you'd like to have them for extra protection (with a tampon) or to keep leaks at a minimum (great for sleeping). I'm sure these work wonderfully for those with lower flows, but not for me!
- No odor even after wearing them all day, although it does get a little unnerving to wear them after they become wet.
Overall I'm happy with my Thinx purchase, although I was expecting to be able to maybe wear these with nothing else (as advertised, I mean it says for heavy flow up to 2 tampons worth)! Even though that wasn't at all possible I still enjoyed being leak free and knowing that I had these as backup. All in all, I'd consider these to be for those with a lower flow, and good backup for heavy if you don't mind keeping your tampon/pad. If anyone has any questions feel free to comment and I'll try to answer. This is my own personal opinion and I am in no way affiliated with Thinx!!! Thank you for taking the time to read!

Heather S. via Facebook‎



These are amazing! As an active woman who can't wear tampons, I was so pleased when these arrived. I went for a two hour hike and I couldn't feel a difference between these and regular underwear (other than the fact that these are even more comfortable than regular underwear). I have a very heavy cycle and have found that I can go about 5-6 hours in between changes with the hip huggers. So 4 pairs will get me through one day. If these were closer to $25 a pair, Thinx would create a period revolution! And the price is the only reason these don't get 5 stars.

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