hi! i'm dr. renee.


I talk about health in all forms of media: tv, radio, print, online. Before THINX I used pads. I *love* THINX because they're helping me save the planet as well as my coins! The undies work great with my life because I travel a lot, so I don't have to worry about packing pads — I just pack THINX and keep it moving. I wear a lot of dresses and it is great to know that I am covered in my THINX without any visible panty lines.

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where am i?

Chicago, IL

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know my flow

Heavy for 3 out of 5 days.

my fave styles:


I love the Hi-Waist. They act almost like a waist cincher in addition to taking care of my flow. They work well with my dresses, too (no visible panty lines!!)

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Who doesn't love a Boyshort style?! Sometime you just want to wear a Boyshort with your athleisure wear.

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cotton brief

I admit I still wear cotton briefs! I was so excited when THINX came out with this style because it feels like I have on my regular cotton panties.

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