hi! i'm rachel.


I'm the co-founder of HELPSY, a clothing recycling company. Before THINX, I ruined a lot of underwear. Now I wear THINX as a backup and alone on lighter days. I especially love THINX because they limit landfill waste and protect my clothes!

get to know me

where am i?

Brooklyn, NY

go-to period hack

Eat dark chocolate and cuddle with my cat, Emilia Pucci, while watching reality shows.

know my flow

Heavy on the first few days and very light the rest.

my fave styles:


They have cute mesh panelling while still making me feel super-protected. They're so stylish, they make me look forward to wearing them every month!

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Wearing THINX around the house with a big t-shirt is my ultimate do-nothing weekend uniform. Sporty and fun while also providing great coverage, what's not to love?

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Being super-active on my period can be touch-and-go, but these give me confidence. I don't worry anymore about what's going on behind me, except the people I'm leaving in the dust on my runs.

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