Gender and sexuality are two separate
things. Gender is who you go to bed as,
and sexuality is who you go to bed with.

My gender is trans male, and my
sexuality is queer. I’m attracted to men,
women, non-binary people, people in
between, people who identify as both
male and female, who identify as neither
male nor female. I’m just attracted to

It’s not necessarily that I want to be this hyper-masculine man, it’s just that that’s the way I feel safe walking the world.

Once people know you’re trans, they treat you differently. They’re more gentle with me. They think that I’m non-threatening, because I don’t have a penis. They treat me as if I’m not a man because I don’t have that anatomy, and it’s bullshit.

Everyone experiences dysphoria at some point about their body, whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re trans or cisgender. A product like THINX really makes people feel secure. And that’s regardless, if you’re a woman or a trans man, or a nonbinary trans person who gets their period.

They say, like, “stars, they’re just like us!” but also, trans people, they’re just like us. They’re just like a normal fucking person that wants to get on the subway and go to work.

There’s a piece of me being a white transmasculine person, where I don’t feel like I should talk. Because white cis men take up SO much space - so much physical space, so much emotional space, so much mental space - that I don’t feel like I have the right to have a voice. And that’s difficult because pre-transition, pre-coming out as a trans man, I lived as a cisgender woman, and you’re also told that you shouldn’t speak and you don’t have a voice, so on both sides of my transition, I’m not sure where I have a voice.

Sawyer DeVuyst in conversation with THINX.

This project was inspired by sawyer’s photo project, @sawyermine. All words are his.

The THINX Boyshort was launched on November 14, in honour of transgender awareness week. click to shop >


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