hi! i'm milena.


I am a 500-hour yoga teacher, cannabis educator, and stage-four endometriosis warrior with a passion for free-bleeding! I struggle with non-stop heavy bleeding week after week and, no joke, THINX helps me stay dry and comfortable no matter how crazy my cycle gets, or how much I move during my yoga classes.

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where am i?

Denver, CO

go-to period hack

Have sex and eat desserts.

know my flow

Heavy with lots of clotting every 14 Days.

my fave styles:

cotton brief

The feel of cotton can be so comforting while on my cycle. These are my favorite bedtime pair!

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When my flow is not messing around, whipping out this pair gives me the confidence to continue my day.

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I always know Iā€™m gonna have a leak-free yoga practice with my THINX Sport.

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