hi! i'm sydney.


I'm a city gal who works in social impact and documentary film! Before Thinx, I used tampons and pantyliners for my period, which I felt created so much unnecessary waste. I love Thinx because I literally don't need to think about period products - I'm prepared for whatever ~flows~ my way.

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where am i?

Chicago, IL

go-to period hack

My period hack is to take care of yourself! If you need to lay at home, lay at home! Eat that ice cream! Periods ARE a good reason to not feel well and relax.

know my flow

I have an IUD, so my flow isn't too heavy and it's pretty sporadic. I have a lot of spotting, so Thinx are perfect for bot lighter and heavier days.

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:

cotton brief

For me, it's really important to wear cotton underwear, since it's hella better for your (biological) lady parts. I love wearing the organic cotton briefs!


All THINX undies are comfortable, but I love how the hiphuggers are CUTE. The lacy mesh at the waistband is actually sexy for period underwear and the silky outside is wonderful.