hi! i'm soukayna.


I'm a photographer and graphic designer. Before I used Thinx I alternated between several natural pad and tampon products. I love Thinx as it's sustainable, painless, and convenient! I'm always on the go and am extremely active so using a menstrual product that fits into my lifestyle rather than catering my routine to it makes me feel confident and unstoppable.

get to know me

where am i?

New York, NY

go-to period hack

Hot mint tea and a pillow under my back while laying down.

know my flow

Super heavy the first three days then medium to light the last two days.

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:

super hiphugger

This is the style of underwear I typically wear on period and non period days so it feels convenient. I get to feel light on my heaviest days.


I love that it doesn't move at all and that I can wear them while wearing light colored dresses which is a staple in my style.