hi! i'm siva.


I'm a doctor turned witch, and teach women the basics of wellness lifestyle - which I call FooSexSleep. I teach about the energetics of menses, moon cycles, and natural health hacks. Thinx are more than convenient, they are actually healthy for us, and Mother Earth.

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where am i?

Tulum, Mexico

go-to period hack

Herbs, yin yoga, clitoral orgasms

know my flow

Medium - Heavy the first two days and then tapers off for a few more days.

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:


perfect for yoga


like to have my jiggle for when I dance around the house in my undies


Perfect for light days leading into and out of your cycle; not to mention they are super cute with their stretchy, sexy lace!