hi! i'm rebecca.


I am the founder of Ageless Outdoor Women’s Initiative, an organization created to empower generations of women seeking to re-connect with nature through guided outdoor adventures. Before Thinx, I used a combination of tampons and the cup, both of which are prone to leakage — an issue I found particularity problematic while backpacking, climbing, or hiking in the backcountry! Thinx have become my #1 go-to for adventuring outdoors while on my period. Purchasing a Thinx Cycle Set is an investment in items that produce a positive impact on the planet and communities all around the world! Thinx = Me being my best self, living my best life!

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Golden, CO

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Peanut butter-banana milkshakes

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Light with one heavy day.

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my fave styles:


I’ve always been more of a boyshort gal in general. The extra length provides extra protection that makes me feel safe, as well as stylish.


The little slit on the side-hip appealed to me, because it gives just that little extra comfort. This style is special because we deserve to feel flirty on our cycle too!