hi! i'm madeleine.


I am an actor so my daily schedule is pretty unpredictable. I tried Thinx for the first time during one of my busier weeks and I felt carefree and relaxed knowing I had extra protection between work, auditions, and rehearsal. They're also flexible so I can have free range of movement and comfort while exercising and dancing,

get to know me

where am i?

New York, NY

go-to period hack

LOL. Drink gallons of water, bring a life supply of tampons, and extra painkillers!

know my flow

The first two days is so heavy and annoying all I want to do is hide from the rest of the world! The rest of the time it's easy breezy beautiful!

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:


This style feels heavenly and can hold those heavy days like a lacey goddess.


The BOMB for when you want to enjoy some movement on your moon.