hi! i'm kathryn.


I'm the founder of goingzerowaste.com and forthcoming author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste as well as the spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic. I went plastic-free after a breast cancer scare so balancing my hormones and taking control of health and period is so important to me! Thinx are my go-to period products!

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where am i?

Bay Area, California

go-to period hack

I always make sugar-free, gluten-free brownies high in magnesium and iron.

know my flow

Spotty, heavy, medium.

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:


My absolute fave! I like the coverage they provide and they're super comfortable making those first few days of my period more comfortable.


I like them for medium days and especially their sleek design.


I really love t