hi! i'm jasmine.


1/2 of the Vaginas of Color Podcast where we aim to diversify the conversation surrounding vaginas, menstruation and more. Learning about Thinx has been a miracle for me because they allow me carryon with traveling, working out and being a boss all while knowing I don't have to worry about leaks or feeling unprepared.

get to know me

where am i?

Chicago, IL

go-to period hack

Drink a cup of raspberry leaf tea, doubles as a heating pad and soothes my worst cramps.

know my flow

HEAVY and a bit irregular, any given month my cycle can be 28-34 days and usually four long days in length

know your flow

Use this tool to help you find the right Thinx for your flow.

my fave styles:


My (heavy) flow usually starts off with hiphuggers because I can wear them the day or night before my period without shoving anything up there and still know I'm covered. They give the extra support I need and catch anything my cup or tampon might miss. The fit is snug, durable and comforting and let's me know "I've got this" even if my period is going to be three days or six. Still rocking with mine for over a year.