hi! i'm kelley.


I am a behavioral health coach in New York City and founder of Root to Rise. Before THINX, I tried it allllll: tampons, pads, menstrual cups, tissues in a pinch, free-bleeding, you name it. I used to be unable to get a good night's sleep during my period because I was so concerned with bleeding through my underwear onto my sheets. That's why I'm so into THINX — I don't have to worry about leaks!

get to know me

where am i?

New York, NY

go-to period hack

Tune into my body. I actually really enjoy getting my period. I feel totally aligned with the earth and the moon.

know my flow

About 5 days and pretty mild. I've been off birth control for about a year and a half and my flow is mostly back on track with its natural rhythm.

my fave styles:


Keeps everything right and tight. I love that they come in black and offer full-coverage.

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cotton brief

Adding an organic cotton line to THINX was genius! Love a good breathable pair of undies that also holds up to 2 regular tampons' worth of fluid! This is some kind of magic that I am very into.

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I wear a thong most days because I'm always in workout pants, which makes these a lifesaver during the last few days of my flow.

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