hi! i'm halle.


Hey, I’m Halle. You can call me Halo! I’m a model, singer, rapper, writer, and content creator. I’m also 20 years old and a student at The University of Kansas. I love THINX because as an active college student I’m always on the move. THINX is convenient and protective for my busy lifestyle.

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where am i?

Los Angeles, CA

go-to period hack

Sleep, eat and make music.

know my flow

Medium to light.

my fave styles:

cotton thong

It's just like to the undies I wear off my period, and it’s breathable.

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I really like the comfort of the Cheeky style. You wouldn’t even know you had on period-proof panties, and neither will your partner! They are a sexy underwear.

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Because who doesn’t love a cut that allows you to jump around leak-free?

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