Meet Thinx Inc.

Did you notice our makeover?

We’re thrilled to unveil our new, multi-generational platform and unite our family of brands: Thinx, Thinx (BTWN), and Speax. Our rebrand is about so much more than a fresh look — it’s also about time.

It’s about time we start talking openly and freely about our bodies.

For as long as we can remember, periods and bladder leaks have been discussed in hushed tones behind closed doors. It’s time we end the stigma around these topics and create better solutions to manage leaking. From first periods to postmenopause, and all the leaks in between, Thinx Inc. exists to empower *every body* through innovative solutions and social change.
“The visionary team here at Thinx Inc. is deeply committed to changing the narrative around menstrual health and bladder leaks, and smashing any taboos that stand in our way. Our work is just getting started.”
— Maria Molland, CEO

Making a mark

Inspired by the infinity symbol, we united our family with a new mark — which we call the Liquiform — representing time, never-ending cycles, and the periods and bladder leaks at the core of our products. Every visual element of our rebrand has been created by our designers to align with our mission and uphold our responsibility to you — the incredible Thinx Inc. community.

Our brands

Solutions for *every body* — all in one place.

Period underwear
Period underwear for tweens & teens
Underwear for bladder leaks

Introducing GiveRise

Every purchase you make gives life to our programs and initiatives.

Our giveback program, GiveRise, advocates for access to better puberty education, amplifies grassroots activism (have you signed our menstrual equity petition?), and facilitates donations of our undies and time. We couldn’t do any of it without your support!