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United for Access

United for Access is the first national grassroots campaign by THINX, the innovative period solutions company, and PERIOD, the world’s largest youth-run nonprofit (220 chapters and counting!). Together, we’re dedicated to changing the conversation around periods and providing care to those in need.

The Challenge

From Nepal to Uganda to New York City, millions of people around the world live in period poverty, and are unable to afford basic necessities to manage menstruation. Access to period products determines a person’s freedom to work, study, and move about the world with basic dignity.

Toilet paper and soap are provided for free — and period products should be, too.

The time to end period poverty is now, and this is a solvable problem we can fix together.

The Solution

Our mission at THINX is to empower *every body*, so we’re advocating for a sustainable, scalable solution to ending period poverty. Together with PERIOD, we are:

  • Demanding that every student across the United States, from grade school through college, has free and easy access to period products.
  • Revolutionizing the way people talk and think about periods, and the challenges faced by people with them.

Our Partner in Action:

PERIOD The Menstrual Movement

We can end period poverty and achieve menstrual equity.

Join Thinx and PERIOD in taking action to ensure all students are provided free and easy access to period products—because no one should have to miss out on an education because of their period.

Check out our past action

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