hi! i'm annisa.


I am an artist and beauty influencer. Before THINX I used pads and tampons... fun (not!). THINX are soooo comfortable and super-chic! I love to use THINX as an alternative to maxi pads and in conjunction with my menstrual cup because of the sustainability, and they're much safer because there are no weird chemicals in them! I've noticed a huge improvement in my flow and my cramps have decreased.

get to know me

where am i?

Atlanta, GA

go-to period hack

Sleep, mangos, and Netflix.

know my flow

Irregular light to medium flow.

my fave styles:


I wear these when my flow is light to medium. I love to feel cute on my period, especially when the cramps aren't that bad.

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boy short

The Boyshort is my all-time fave and is *perfect* on my heaviest day.

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This style is soooo cute and comfy for a medium flow day! And the fabric feels so good on my skin.

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