Grapefruit Beanie


Our fruit stitched on the all-mighty bean (vaginas on vaginas, y'all). Iconic & yonic. 



A heads-up (get it?) to all that cross your path that the only dry thing about you is your wit. Also, why does everyone feel so weird about this word?

FANNY Pussypack


“Fanny” is a slang term for vagina in the UK, so naturally, we embossed it on a fannypack. And then we called that fannypack a pussypack. What else?

Grapefruit Hat


The citrus that started it all! Our signature fruit embroidered on a tan camp cap.

Real Menstruating Human T-shirt

Are you a real menstruating human? Well, here. Loud and proud, y’all. Loud and proud. 


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