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Meet Assley

Okay, so you know how we all had that one friend in college who didn't say a whole lot and only wore underwear wherever she went? And she was just kind of like, a quarter of a human body? No? Just us? Oh... awkward.

Well, in any case, let us introduce you to Assley, our resident ass mannequin!


As the focus of this month’s #28Days series, Assley has been taking us all on her 'gram-able asscapades. With each adventure, Assley reminds us that THINX (namely her fave, the Hiphugger) is the best way to avoid period problems—second only to having a crotch made of plastic.

Follow us (and #followassley) on Instagram @shethinx, and stay tuned for next month’s #28Days series, which we promise won't be nearly as ridiculous as this one (but will def be just as entertaining).

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