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At THINX HQ, we talk about everything (and given what we do for a living, feel free to take that statement literally). One topic not yet broached, however, is that of sex toys--and spoiler alert: most of our team members (and like, let's be real, so many women) had never owned one before the making of this vid. We were kinda surprised by our lack of knowledge about the breadth of products and functionalities 'cause, like, we're a group of badass, sex positive ladies...right?? Clearly, sex toys and female pleasure still exist on the fringe and are pushed to the back of our figurative (period-proof) underwear drawers. And while consensual sex with others is usually a fun time, learning to pleasure oneself is an invaluable skill that can change lives (#gamechanger).  

Watch us learn from expert Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland (beloved sex toy shop of Master of None fame), about all the ways to spice things up, and the importance of lady power in bed and out of it.

THINX Does is a series in which Team THINX--you guessed it--does things. In case you missed it, here's last week's episode.

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