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UNDIE THE SURFACE: Meika Hollender, co-founder of Sustain & creator of GET ON TOP

You are a co-founder of Sustain, a sexual wellness product company. What initially inspired you to start this business?

I grew up totally immersed in the world of non-toxic products because my parents founded Seventh Generation. I worked for the company in college to help launch their organic cotton tampon line, which was when I became really passionate about reproductive and sexual health. While I was in business school, I started talking to my dad about starting a company together. We combined his background in the natural products space and my passion for female empowerment around reproductive and sexual health, and we wrote the business plan for Sustain. We were able to create the first brand of all natural sexual wellness products for women.

Is there a taboo that comes along in selling sexual wellness products?  If so, in what ways are you breaking the taboo?

There is a huge taboo in this country around women being related to anything sexual. I have personally been continuously slut shamed for being a young woman selling condoms. We are living in a patriarchal society that has conditioned women to think that their role in the bedroom is to please the man. Society has created a situation where women are not supposed to be sexual beings, and because of this so many women put their sexual health at risk. My mission with Sustain is to start a conversation with women everywhere about sex and sexual health so that women feel GOOD about having good, safe sex.

Tell us about Get On Top.

I personally launched GET ON TOP to get women talking about safe sex.

Because only 21% of single women use condoms.

Because 48% of pregnancies are unplanned.

Because 1 in 4 college freshmen contract an STD.

Because that’s just not okay.

To get the conversation and the campaign started, my friends and I (Miki Included!) filmed a short video to say it’s about time women take their sexual health into their own hands. I sell condoms. But this isn’t about selling condoms. I'm doing this because this is the stuff that I get up for in the morning. I’m doing this because I really truly deeply believe together we can create a world where women feel good about taking control of this aspect of their life.

If I took the Get On Top pledge, what would I be pledging to do?

You'd be standing up for your sexual health!

Additionally, for every pledge, I'm donating a condom to a young woman in partnership with Bedsider and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

What else can people do to contribute to Get On Top?

Share share share! Share the campaign with your family and friends.

Additionally, you can make your own pledge video! Make sure to use #getontop and we will repost!

Our CEO Miki Agrawal is participating in Get On Top, and the two of you have been featured on a panel discussing what it's like to be female startup founders. Do you feel a special connection or camaraderie with other women who have founded their own company?

Yes. I particularly feel camaraderie with Miki because I feel like we're both so passionate about using business to break down the taboos around women's reproductive and sexual health. What I really loved about creating this campaign is that it was an opportunity for me to bring so many badass female founders together to talk about a critically important issue.


Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Yes! I'd love to mention our 10% 4Women organization -- we give 10% of profits to women's reproductive health organizations in the U.S. This is because there are 20 million women in this country that lack access to reproductive health and family planning services. That's just not okay.

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