When PMS Attacks! Figuring out PMDD

If your PMS symptoms are cramping your body, style, and life, it's possible you may have premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

My Hips and Thighs Don’t lie

Thigh chafe, for those of you who aren’t blessed with thighs that touch, is literally the worst — but not totally unmanageable!

Taking Control: Knowing Your Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

We all know there is a risk for breast and ovarian cancer, but this risk can seem abstract, especially if we haven’t been directly affected before.

Your Doctor's Fave Contraception

Everything you need to know about the mysterious IUD — the difference between hormonal and copper, potential side effects, and more.

You're On The Pill, So What Actually Happens During Your Cycle?

If you're on hormonal birth control, as you may already know, your cycle goes down a li'l different than usual.

What’s The Deal With Yeast Infections?

Whether you're trying to kick one now, or have yet to experience the joy of a yeast infection, you should know what to look out for.

What *Actually* Happens During Your Period?

Considering how long we spend menstruating (~3,000 days!), is anyone else a little hazy on the actual details about what's going on down there?

Help, My Stomach Feels ~Weird~ On My Period

Being a menstruating human is a magic experience. Mostly. There is another very real part that involves painful bloating or desperately running to the bathroom.

Know Your Flow: How Heavy is Too Heavy?

When it comes down to it, there really isn't such a thing as a normal period, but knowing *your* normal is crucial.

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression

Everyone’s fantasy BFF Chrissy Teigen wrote a beautiful essay about her battle with postpartum after giving birth to daughter, Luna.

Scream Your Own Name—It’s Good For You!

Here’s the best news you’ll hear all day — not only is masturbating fun & totally common & normal, it’s good for your health!

PERIOD POLICY: How to get involved and create change in the period space.

As the movement of activists fighting for menstrual equity grows stronger, it's more important than ever to fight for systemic change.

Are you #FloodingThePhones with us? Here's Your Phone Script to Get Started!

We're calling every single GOP woman in the House and expressing our concerns regarding women's health rights. Join us!

Picking the Right Lube for You

The ultimate guide for veterans *and* beginners.

Treating PCOS Symptoms Naturally

What you can do today—as in right now—to start feeling better.

Physical Activities To Explore On Your Period (you're welcome to include sleeping—we don't judge)!

The last thing you typically wanna do on your period is exercise, but sometimes the best way to combat PMS is to get movin'!

How To Pop Your Period-Pimple Anxiety (...but like, don't actually pop them!)

Due to a cocktail of high androgen levels & low estrogen levels, this combo can produce oily skin and clogged pores — but we've got some tips for taming your period skin troubles.

My Experience With HPV & LEEP

Undergoing a LEEP procedure can be scary, but it can be crucial for your greater health if you're affected by HPV.

Three Mindful Practices to Use on Your Period (with a guided meditation included!)

Menstrual health and fertility coach, Stefanie Kleinburd, created a mind-body program that improves the symptoms of menstrual disorders and boosts fertility.

V. Important Questions To Ask Your Current Sexual Partner

It’s important to be confident with yourself and your partner before going under the sheets. So, what questions should you should be asking?

Rihanna and Prince Harry Get An HIV Test Together for World AIDS Day

Don’t you kinda feel like Prince Harry and (our queen) Rihanna would maybe, possibly, get along and be friends?

Is Every Three Years Really Enough? Here’s What We Think About Pap Tests

We're sure you're not complaining, but have you noticed that your doctor has stopped recommending Pap tests as frequently?

Things to Know About Freezing Your Eggs

Young women are constantly reminded that our main priority should be finding a partner and cranking out children, but egg freezing affords women with greater autonomy.

Has Plan B Become Our Plan A?

A lot of women are choosing to towards other options besides birth control, but has Plan B become too mainstream?

A Guide to Period Sex and Why You Should Do It (Literally)

Learning to celebrate a natural process of the female body is integral not only for the physical wellbeing of women, but also for everyone's pleasure.

The Good, The Bad, and The Smelly: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and More about Vaginal Odors

After a long day, it’s not surprising that our vaginas can take on *ahem* certain aromas.

What the Color of Your Period is Telling You

Part of taking control of your health means being an *active participant* in your menstruation.

Eat Better, Period. A Guide to Treating Period Symptoms with Food

Meal planning can transform the week of your period from lying on the couch and feeling miserable, to having our best (and healthiest) week yet.

Setting The Record Straight On Scoliosis

Scoliosis, which primarily affects girls, is often diagnosed during adolescence, when they're already dealing with changes that they’re not entirely ready for.

Do Women Need To Choose Between Physical And Mental Health?

In a world where we are still fighting for better sexual health education, and reproductive rights, women’s health is just chock-full of limiting choices.

Giving Women The "Sick" Label Is An Attempt To Silence Them

When woman in power get slapped with the "sick" label, they're basically told "why don't you sit this one out?"

It Was Worth The Fight: My Journey Through Endometriosis, Surgery, and Sexual Freedom

Endometriosis is unfortunately rarely talked about, and as a result, widely under-treated. Let's change that.

WHW: Mental Health Looks Cute On You, Girl

Is anxiety really twice as common for women because of hormones, or is our environment equally as responsible?

My Battle With Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be hard to diagnose and consequently, very isolating for those who have it.