How You Can Overcome Period Shame

Be honest, do you still ashamed of having your period at times? In a study that we led, the findings show that you're far from alone — but I think that we can change that.

Finding the Right Gyno… When You’re Scared AF

Nervous about scheduling your annual exam? Our gal Priya has put together some steps you can take to take back control of your health.

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Period pain relief, made natural.

Choosing the Right IUD For You

Kyleena and Liletta and Mirena, oh my!

Swimming on Your Period

PSA: sharks will not attack you if you swim on your period.

Menstrual Hygiene FAQs

Herbal Remedies For When Midol Ain't Cutting It

Is poppin' half a bottle of ibuprofen every month starting to feel kinda sus (or getting expensive)? Why not try going natural?

No Period, No Problem: Life After (Really) Early Menopause

Polly Rodriguez experienced menopause at age 21, but she used her experience to begin exploring the joys of women's femininity & sexuality.

Period Products Through the Ages

Imagine a time before you could just period into your Thinx and go about your day — what did people do to manage their periods once upon a time?

It's Time to Level up Your Period Care Routine

It's easy to spend your period laying in the fetal position on your couch watching The Office for 4 straight hours — or, you can reclaim that time.

How to Beat the Period-Boob Blues

Breasts big and small experience tenderness, soreness, and swelling around the time their flow hits. This curse has a name: cyclical mastalgia.

Treat Your V-Day!

While the rest of the country is celebrating semi-stale boxed chocolates from CVS, we like to bring it a bit closer to home.

How Often Do You Really Need A Pap Test?

We know pap spears are probably one of the last things you think about regularly, but how necessary are they really?

What You Can Do About PCOS

If you’re a person with a period who talks to other people with periods, you’ve probably come across the mysterious club of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

How to Sleep Better on Your Period

Don't let your ~flow~ get in the way of your precious beauty sleep!

I’ll Have What They’re Having

For whatever reason (patriarchy, taboo, insert your own reason here), orgasms have taken on a unicorn-like form in pop-culture — no more!

How Well Do You Know Your Pelvic Floor?

Contrary to popular belief, you should you be doing more to look after your pelvic floor health, regardless of your age.

Moody, Period

We all know periods can wreak havoc on our personalities, but how much are hormones actually affecting our mental health?

Live Your Breast Life

Even if you already know you're supposed to perform self-examinations once a month, do you know what you're looking for?


Cosmetic gynecology is a buzz topic — but the issue is a lot more complicated than it first appears, so it’s worth breaking it down.

Ovaries Before Bro-varies: Keeping Your Ovaries Healthy Now, and in the Future!

All the different things you can do to keep your ovaries healthy now, and in the future — because healthy is happy!

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Know your flow through your teens, 30s, 40s, and beyond!

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Period pain has about a million and one alternative remedies that people on the internet swear by — so of course, we tried some out.

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Period-Friendly Foods For Summer

When we're at our crampiest and moodiest, sometimes cheesy and carby foods aren't the best option — no matter how intense the cravings get!

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

For some women, the winding down of ovarian function can come with a whole raft of new hormonal craziness to deal with.