This Woman is Changing The World Of Disability Design

Our friend Brianna chatted with Liz Jackson about living in a world that insists on doing the labelling for her.

The Women Behind ‘The Wonder Down Under’

These ladies are doing their very best to uncloak the mystery that still surrounds vaginas today – not all heroes wear capes.

THINX x Sustain Chat About Making Periods Suck Less, Sex Ed, and Breaking Taboos

In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Siobhan (VP of Brand at THINX) and Meika (Co-founder and CEO of Sustain) talk periods, taboos, sex-ed, and how to create change.

Zolita Fights Like A Girl

On making music that tells stories for young queer people, dealing with homophobia, and how to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Ayomide Odumosu's "Don’t Touch My Hair" Series Celebrates Women Of Color On Their Own Terms

Ayomide wanted to create a visual project centered on something that still has yet to find societal acceptance — body hair, specifically for women of color.

Why Learning About Hemophilia Is Important for Young Women & Girls

We sat down with Kate and Corinne of the National Hemophilia Foundation to discuss blood disorders and how challenging they can be to diagnose.

Meet Cass Clemmer, Writer and Illustrator of The Adventures of Toni The Tampon

The story behind the genderqueer tampon spreading menstrual education and breaking the period taboo — who already has 600 followers on Instagram.

Meet Andrea Yip, Creator of The Period Coloring Book

Andrea has found a creative way to to embrace all of the ups and downs of periods — putting colored pencils to paper!

7 Reasons THINX Will Be Your Next Favorite Piece of Gear

Larisa took two pairs of THINX backpacking and road-tripping for two months, and here’s why they’ll always be in her gear bag.


Our incredible designer on how she created the collection, what inspires her, and what "I'm Every Woman" means to her as a designer. 


Like the music from her band and solo project, Michelle Zauner talks with a sincerity and candor that creates the most enjoyable conversation.

Meet Filmmaking Duo Lisa Baron And Malin Barr, The Creators of Hedda Needs Help

Over pizza and wine on a rooftop in Bushwick, we chatted women in film, making work for yourself, and what it means to truly "make it."


"I don't shame my body. I don't shame myself. Society does. Society has taught me to feel shame."


We had the opportunity to learn about boxing from Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields, and her work with Up2Us Sports.

Undie The Surface: Maresa Ponitch, Owner of Dusty Rose Vintage

The store itself feels fresh and inspired, but each piece, hand-picked by Maresa, has a past life and a story to tell.

Undie The Surface: Celine Semaan Vernon, Founder & CEO of Slow Factory

Exploring Celine's journey to creating Slow Factory, her work with NGO’s, and how she is breaking up the fast-fashion industry.

Interview With Katherine Cambareri, Creator of "Well, what was she wearing?"

Katherine's senior thesis focuses on the clothes that survivors of assault were wearing when they were attacked. We spoke to her about her project's purpose, and its reception.

UNDIE THE SURFACE: Leah Goren, Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer

The queen of cheerful-patterns-I-need-on-my-wall-right-now spoke to us about what inspires her, how she's #breakingthetaboo, and what advice she has for young artists finding their way.


Behind the scenes VagVoices: A Night of Spoken Word — as soon as these we met these talented poets, we knew we had to talk with them.

UNDIE THE SURFACE: Rachel Rolseth, creator of LADY BITS - a Zine for Vagina Havers

We picked Rachel's brain on creating a zine that was beautiful, tangible, informative, and also manages to reclaim the word 'pussy.'

UNDIE THE SURFACE: Liliana Tandon, the creator of Period Piece

Liliana and THINX chat about menstruation stigma, visibility, her punchy and hilarious web series, Period Piece — and what she's doing to give back.

Marie Forleo + Mama Gena

"She loves every side of me and I love every side of her. That is a rare thing."

Gifts That Give Back

In true socially-mission-driven-startup fashion, we've assembled a li'l list to help you pick out the best gifts for this holiday season.