Trying something new here, y'all: since Emma from THINX has your back on all things current events/politics in the femisphere, Kelsey from THINX has pop culture covered. Introducing: This Week's Rag (get it? like gossip rag? but also periods?)! If you dig it, let us know in the comments below and we'll keep 'em coming. 

Ciara’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Ciara has reminded us all that if you don’t have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

On Monday morning, Ciara and Ludacris announced some nominees for the Billboard Music Awards on Good Morning America, and we have a teeeensy inkling that the producers might've wanted to stir up a little controversy. Let's backtrack: 

Ciara's ex-fiance, Future, was one of the nominees. In the past, Future has Tweeted that Ciara is a “bitch with control problems” and that she has disrespected him by allowing her fiance, Russell Wilson, to interact with their shared son (whose name is also Future). Ciara is currently in a legal battle with the rapper, suing him for libel and slander.

So what did Ciara, lord of the dance and keeper of our hearts do? She refused to say his name. In an iconic move, she moved her body to the side, almost as to physically avoid Future, and Ludacris stepped in and said her ex fiance's name. She then continues on to read the last two names with pepp.

As it's probs pretty standard for the hosts to not know who the nominees are beforehand, we have a sneaking suspicion that Ciara was purposely chosen to read Future's category. Regardless, we wonder whether Ciara's silence was an empowered decision or an unprofessional one. What do you all think? Watch the video here:

Megan Fox Won’t Be Bullied by the Press

Megan Fox arrived at Paramount’s CinemaCon on Monday to promote her new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of the Shadows, but the media seemed to be a lot more interested in her baby bump. Fox separated from her husband Brian Austin Green last year, so many were left wondering who the father of her child was, and the answer Fox provided was absolutely perfect.

On Instagram, Fox put together a picstitch of the friends/costars/men she posed with while pregnant (because apparently, if you interact with a man while you’re pregnant, everyone will assume you have slept with them and he is the father of your child), and captioned the photo with a single hashtag: #notthefather. BOOM.

Fox reminded everyone that:

  1. She is not obligated to provide information regarding the father of her child.
  2. She does not need to discuss her pregnancy at a work-related event.
  3. Sharing a hug or posing for a photo with a man does not mean he has helped you create a life.

Ultimately, whether or not Megan Fox chooses to release the father's name is her choice, and it should be respected. One thing is for sure- the baby is going to be welcomed into this world by two cute brothers and one badass mom!

Amy Schumer Doesn’t Like the Term “Plus Sized”

Last week, Amy Schumer took to her Instagram to respond to Glamour Magazine's Plus Size Only issue. Schumer was included in the magazine (but was not notified beforehand), and questioned whether her size 6-8 body needed to be included-- or what young girls may think of that label in general.

The same day, Schumer posted a video of her running down the beach, flying a kite, with the caption “Thanks for your thoughts to the people who didn't tell me how I 'should feel.' Bottom line seems to be that these labels are unnecessary and reserved for women #muchlove.

She then went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and announced, “For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m a plus sized model.” She continued to say, “I LOVE Glamour Magazine; honestly, they have been nice to me. They have done so many great things for women. But, what I learned is that people don’t really like being called plus sized. We don’t need these labels, we don’t need them. It should just say what size you are.”

Schumer believes that the term Plus Sized is limiting women to feel a certain way about their bodies. So, THINX community: Is “Plus Sized” a dated term?