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What do dads and pads have in common ?

They both have our backs and keep us safe, even on the heaviest of days. They're also both usually blood-related!

As much as most of us like to keep the two separate, dads and periods can actually coexist within the same conversation without the universe imploding. To celebrate our #periodproudpapas on this dandy Dad’s Day, here's baby Team THINX cheesin’ with our respective daddios.

Co-Founder/CEO Miki & Co-Founder Radha, with Papa Rajendra
COO Shama, with Papa Mahesh
CFO Keshanee, with Papa Jagath
Director of Marketing Veronica, with Papa Ramon
Digital Strategist Matt, with Papa Peter
Community Gurus Jasmin & Maria, with Papas Robert & Ray
Designers Meng & M.Y., with Papas Weijia & Hung
Interns Emma & Caroline, with Papas Bruce & Mike
Interns Maya & Gabri, with Papas Tony & Emmanuel


Let’s hear it for the patriarchy! (LOL, you probably won’t be hearing that from us again anytime soon). Happy Padre's Day, y'all.



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