How Racism Impacts the Health of People of Color

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How We’re Supporting People on the Front Lines of COVID-19

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How I Realized My Diet Was an Eating Disorder

CW: explicit description of eating disorder experience.

What Inspires Us to Fight Period Poverty

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How I Learned to Love the Color of My Skin

Loving yourself exactly as you are is more important than anything else.

How We’re Fighting for Menstrual Equity in 2020

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How We Ensure Thinx Are Body-Safe

We put customer health and safety first.

Our Favorite Books About Starting Fresh

We asked a few friends for their most motivational literary recommendations. 

Planning My Feminist Wedding

Saying "I do" to breaking patriarchal traditions. 

Giving Back to the Next Generation

‘Tis the season to champion menstrual equity. ✊

How Porn Helped Improve My Relationships (...Eventually)

As long as it's *your* choice, why not?


If everyone had periods, including cisgender men, would we be more comfortable with them?

The Hidden Effects of Period Poverty in the US

Introducing the State of the Period.

Making Space For Trans Folks in the Menstruation Conversation

Why periods aren't just ~girl problems~.

What Do Cis Men Want to Know About Menstruation?

It's pretty hard to advocate for an issue when half the population isn't educated on the topic — so we're inviting men to join the convo.

How Black Women are Revolutionizing Self-Love

Why loving yourself as a black woman *is* a revolutionary act.

Our Feminist Fall Reading List

Time to bring out our blanket scarves & library cards.

A Walk in My Size 11 Shoes

Sometimes self-love starts with your feet.

A Tighter Vagina Is Not A Better Vagina

This is a public service announcement.

Why (And How) I Stopped Body-Shaming Myself

Figuring out how to love your body can be an ongoing journey.

Why I’d Rather You Didn’t Label Me a ‘Survivor’

When people call you a survivor... and you don't feel like you've *survived* anything.

A Guide to Teaching Sex Ed (Using Netflix’s “Big Mouth”)

Add Big Mouth to your queue STAT.

The Mystery of My Missing Period

#Adulting can be tough. There are just too many things to keep track of: rent, a proper diet, your period...

An Ode to Our First Sex Toys

A collection of stories about our first forays into self-pleasure.

How Queer Women Can Practice Safe Sex

Sex ed in American schools isn't stellar — but let's face it, queer women are some of the most underserved. 

Reconciling My Anxiety Disorder With My Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful enough *without* anxiety.

We Asked Our Moms: Who Were You at My Age?

The mothers of four members of our team shared their memories, and what lessons they learned along the way.

The Unseen Effects of the Border Crisis

You're helping us aid the communities who need it most.

Re-Thinking Our Complicated Relationship With Plastic

We've only got one planet, y'all.

When There’s No Safe Small Talk

Sometimes *polite conversation* can be more difficult than it looks.

Building a Cycle Set to Go With *Your* Flow

Customizing a Cycle Set helps ensure that you’re picking out THINX that work best for you, and your period. 

What to Expect From a Sex Toy Party

If you're curious about exploring ~self-love~, a sex toy party is a great place to start. Intimidated? Don't worry, our friend, Priya, is here to guide us.