Why Thinx Skips Black Friday


Let’s cut to the chase: We know that you probably visited us today looking for some discounted undies, and while we’re so grateful for your love and support — we’re just not about that life.

Not gonna lie, we appreciate a ~sweet deal~ more than anyone, but since Thinx launched in 2013, we’ve never participated in Black Friday. Why? Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate family, friends, and to count your blessings — only to push these values aside, like your Uncle’s questionable attempt at fruit cake, less than 24 hours later? (Okay, and let’s be real, we’re also still nursing a turkey hangover, and need another day. Bless you if you have that type of stamina.)

For some people, Black Friday means fighting a stranger over an $80 KitchenAid or simply passively scrolling through promotions on the ‘net. But for many, it means leaving your dinner table to clock into work, sometimes even before the oven has cooled, while it’s *still* Thanksgiving (who else started getting Black Friday emails on Monday this year? Since when does Black Friday deserve an entire week??).

That’s not how we choose to celebrate our Thanksgiving. We’re all about savoring precious time with friends and family, and the much-needed opportunity to recharge and relax. We hope that everyone in our Thinx family also takes some time for themselves this weekend (even if it’s before you cave and check out the wild sale going down at Ulta RN), and seriously — we’ll still be here next week. Let’s be real, so will a *lot* of those deals you’re checkin’ out right now, too! Cyber Monday, anyone?

Also, Black Friday might be optional ‘round here, but Giving Tuesday definitely isn’t — so stay tuned!

What are *you* grateful for this year? Share your blessings in the comments below.