Things to Do in Your Thinx

By Kate Welsh


With nine different styles of Thinx undies (and counting… keep your eyes peeled), choosing which ones can be right for you can turn your online shopping cart into a mental battlefield.

Already, you know we’ve got styles for different days of your ~flow~, from light to medium to heavy. But there are so many other things to consider — like, what activities are filling your packed schedule?

The fact of the matter is that your period might come regardless of you’ve got planned. Luckily, there’s a Thinx style for basically *every* addition to your to-do list. Whether you’re on-the-go or taking a (well deserved!) self-care day, Thinx has got yo’ back.

Here are some other suggestions for those hard-to-choose-the-perfect-Thinx-for life moments. (There are so many!)

lounging: Boyshort

Pull on our Boyshorts and snooze SO dang soundly. This style has our maximum level of protection (2 tampons’ worth), and the comfy-rise and shorts make you feel super secure, just like you want to feel as you drift off to sleep. Also: Boyshorts go great with your fave sweatshirt and a bad movie on a Friday night in.

What we’re saying is: Boyshorts are the ultimate period-week loungewear.  

night out: Hi-Waist

Here’s the plan: You and your crew are meeting up at your favorite dive bar, dancing like crazy, and then probably going to eat french fries at some 24-hour greasy spoon.

First of all, I’m jealous. Second of all, you’re gonna need some backup. But, like, really cute backup. Enter: The Hi-Waist! The Thinx team’s *fave* style, the Hi-Waist pairs some serious sex appeal with serious leak protection, which means you can dance your a$$ off, no worries.

pilates: Sport

Your cramps have hit the road, you’re in the middle of your period, and you’re ready to get the blood flowing… in a different way. A pilates class sounds like just the thing, but you need a pair of undies that lets you twist and turn and lunge and jump, without moving around (or leaking!). The wider, higher-cut legs on our Sport style will keep you movin’-and-groovin’ in comfort.

running errands: Organic Cotton Thong

It’s a light day and you’ve gotta G.S.D! On the to-do list: mailing back those shoes you impulsively bought while you were bored at work last Friday, stocking up on veggies at the grocery, and stopping by the drugstore to replenish your pile of bobby pins (seriously, where do they all go?!).

Slip on your Organic Cotton Thong for some breathable, comfy, cuuuute protection. The best part? No VPL… even if you’re rockin’ yoga pants or your lightest, whitest jeans!

travel: Hiphugger

Our most popular style, the Hiphugger, doubles as very reliable travel insurance.

Made for heavy days—or, like, *really* long flights—the full coverage Hiphugger keeps you from feeling moist (ahem) or gross, even if you’ve been sitting in the same cramped middle seat for 11 hours. You’ll feel as fresh as the celebs hoppin’ off a plane at LAX in paparazzi shots look, minus the alarming number of blanket scarves.

when all you wanna wear is undies: Cheeky

You know what we mean. Sometimes all you wanna do is cook dinner—and by cook dinner, we mean microwaving Easy Mac—with no pants on, and Cheeky is here for *you*.

Do you have a favorite Thinx style? What’s your favorite activity to do in it?