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How to Make DIY Tampon Earrings

diy tampon earring tutorial

If you follow us on the ‘gram, you might have seen our story a couple weeks ago showing y’all how to make your own tampon earrings. It was so popular, we decided to hook you up with these text-based instructions!

Who remembers walking to the bathroom in high school with a tampon stuffed up their sleeve? Or maybe even to the office bathroom today? While sensibilities around menstrual hygiene have definitely progressed through the years, we could all still benefit from being a li’l more #PeriodProud.

And what’s more #PeriodProud than letting your period products dangle from your ears? Let’s get started!

Here are all the supplies you’ll need to make your very own taboo-busting tampon earrings:

1 sponge brush, 2 fish hook earrings, 2 tampons, paint, glitter (optional)

supplies tampon earrings

1. Take your tampon (preferably organic cotton, obvi) and thread through your fish hook earring so it falls all the way to the bottom. Double knot the strings to keep the earring secured to the tampon, and snip off the remaining string.

tying tampon earring

2. Now you’re ready to decorate! We went with a deep, first-day-of-your-period red paint, but you can customize your earrings according to your flow, just like our cycle sets. Paint about halfway up your tampon for a half-dipped look.

painting tampon earring

3. This step is optional, if you’re feeling a li’l extra. Hold your tampon over your bowl of paint for minimal mess*, and shake some glitter over your earring to bedazzle it. *This is a lie, there is no minimal mess when it comes to glitter, and we all know it.

bedazzled tampon earring

4. Pick up another tampon and repeat steps 1-5!

glitter tampon earrings

And seriously, that’s it! You’re now the proud owner of some kickass tampon earrings – just make sure you don’t wear them for longer than 8 hours (I’M KIDDING, I’M SORRY). Make them for your friends! Use crazy colors! Go wild! 

Can you think of any other #PeriodProud DIY projects we should try? Let us know in the comments!