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Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Toni Brannagan


The best holiday of them all is fast approaching. February 14th? Pfffft. February 13th is where it’s at — Galentine’s Day!

Not that we should need a special day to show our friends some love, but hey, it’s definitely a good excuse! From desk swag to *self-love* to, of course, period-proof undies, you’re bound to find something every one of your fave ladies will love. (Chrissy Teigen has also made her way onto this list, so I can say that with confidence.)

Literally Anything from Lush’s Valentine’s Day Line


I don’t know about you, but I feel like skincare + cutesy packaging is always a solid idea.

Plus, what’s the *real* difference between romantic and platonic love? Both call for an emoji-themed bath bomb, amirite?

Hoes 4 Health Care Unisex Tee from Kiddbell


Advocating for reproductive rights *and* sex positivity? What’s not to love? It’s been a scary-ish time to have a vagina recently, so let your gals know that no one’s grabbing these 😸 (...unless we want them to).

To make it even better, Kiddbell donates 10% of the net proceeds from this tee to Planned Parenthood.

Cravings: Hungry For More by Chrissy Teigen


The patron saint of Twitter clapbacks, Chrissy Teigen, recently released a second cookbook filled with yummy, delicious, carb-y, recipes. The best thing about Chrissy’s cookbooks is that she brings her much-needed brand of acerbic wit to her recipes and stories, which is pretty damn cool if you’ve read any other cookbook ever. (But no shade to the true love of my life, Ina.)

Alternatively, you could buy the book for *yourself*—because you deserve some love, too!—and throw a Galentine’s Day dinner party. (Hm. That’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that.)

Vesper Vibrator from Catbird


What better way to show your love for your friends than encouraging your gals to *love* themselves?

This chic but stealthy vibrator has four speeds, two modes, and charges by USB, so it’s perfect for any lady who is on-the-go (re: all of us).

All-Star Set from THINX


We bundled together our most popular styles, Hiphugger, Sport, and Organic Cotton Brief, so it’s easier than ever to give THINX a try. With three period-proof pairs, your BFF will have everything she needs to fight leaks all cycle long.

Not Today Satan Desk Plate from Bulletin


We all have a ~Work B*tch~ (here’s the music video link because I know you wanna watch it now, too) friend who deserves some extra sass in her day-to-day life.

All-Natural Oil by HappySexFace


It’s 2019, y’all. Not only are we saying no to uncomfortable lube-less sex, but we’re making sure our BFFs aren’t having uncomfortable lube-less sex either. (Yes, everyone should try using lube. Yes, even if you think you don’t need it. Pls. Do it for me.)

HappySexFace’s oil is also made with all-natural coconut oil, because we’re not out here recommending things to our friends that aren’t 100% body-safe.

Bromance Shots Gift Box - Barack and Joe from Fishs Eddy


Pair it with your fave cheap bottle to split, and let the Joe to your Barack (or the Barack to your Joe) know how much your friendship means to you. Who says bromance only applies to bros?

What are you gifting your gals this year? Share more ideas with us in the comments!

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