Choosing the Right THINX for You

By Toni Brannagan


We hear variations of this Q pretty frequently: “Period undies. Got it. So which ones should I buy?”

THINX comes in soooo many cute styles, it can be overwhelming to choose just one (or three, if you’re trying out our Cycle Set). But the truth is, there’s no *right* answer here! Depending on what undies you typically feel the most comfortable in, and your ~flow~ (light, medium, heavy), there’s def a perfect pair of THINX for you.

Hopefully, this breakdown of aaalll our styles in layman’s terms will help you out:

Hiphugger - Our best-selling style! Why? They look and feel like your everyday undies. Holds up to 2 tampons’ worth.

Boyshort - Leak protection should def be gender neutral. Our Boyshort will have your back (and your front, and sides) on your heaviest days. Holds up to 2 tampons’ worth.

Cheeky - Basically the Hiphugger’s wild-child sister – for when you’re feeling up to braving the outdoors without full coverage, but still wanna be confident you won’t have any leaks. Holds up to 1 tampon’s worth.

Hi-Waist - All you need to know about the Hi-Waist is that they look SEXY AF AND I DON’T WANT TO WEAR ANYTHING ELSE EVEN WHEN I’M NOT ON MY PERIOD. SRSLY OUR BEST STYLE. I MAY BE BIASED. Holds up to 2 tampons’ worth, so these guys aren’t messing around either.

Sport - It’s nice to have the option to look ~cute~ while you’re on your period, but sometimes you just want to focus on function. Our Sport undies are the practical protection you need for medium days when laying on the couch isn’t an option (okay fine, they’re also really cute). Holds 1½ tampons’ worth.

Thong - We all have pants/dresses/skirts/etc. that won’t hide lines from even the cheekiest of undies, let alone a bulky pad. Well, that’s where the Thong saves the day! It holds up to ½ a tampon’s worth, but also works great with a tampon to prevent leaks.

Organic Cotton Thong - For those lightest days when you’d really rather be wearing nothing at all, but still need a li’l protection – basically, all summer. Holds up to ½ a tampon’s worth.

Organic Cotton Bikini - Does anyone else hear their grandma yelling at them to only buy cotton undies when they’re browsing through ~intimates~? Well, she’s right, because there’s nothing comfier than letting your V breathe easy. Holds 1½ a tampon’s worth.

Cotton Brief - Seriously, organic cotton FTW. The Cotton Brief is like your fave pair of old boxer shorts – but with period protection. Holds up to 2 tampon’s worth.