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Freedom, Fireworks, & Feminism!


Independence Day this year is about to be extra special—and we’re not just talkin’ about that insane American flag cake that your cool aunt brought over for dessert.

This Fourth of July, let's celebrate all the recent feminist gains we've made as a country. Also, can we sneak a lil' piece of that cake???



(Source: Countdown Music Video via Youtube)


"It ain't about the money, money, money..." but ain't it?

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has recently announced plans for a redesigned $10 bill that will feature a—drum roll please—WOMAN! Though the group advocating for this shift (a grassroots org known as Women on 20s) was actually looking to, you guessed it, put a woman on the $20 bill, this still feels like a step in the right direction. Frontrunners for the face of the new ten (which should be issued by 2020) are listed as women who were "champions for our inclusive democracy"—so can we expect to see Amy Schumer on our bills or nah?


(Source: Tumblr/Lord of the Rings)                                  


In light of all the cool, feminist moves that it’s made recently, we’re thinking of throwing a SCOTUS party—you down? We’ll put Notorious RBG on snack duty!

Not only did the Supreme Court uphold the Affordable Care Act (which provides financial incentives to middle- and low-income Americans who get themselves insured, and is therefore purdy dang feminist), but they also FINALLY legalized gay marriage on a national scale, meaning same-sex couples are now afforded many federal and state benefits, including hospital access, authority over medical decision-making, and taxation benefits, among other things.

The 5-4 decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case means the nation can now shift focus to other obstacles that LGBTQIA+ individuals face daily. We couldn't be happier; if this were the 19th century, you might even say we're positively gay over these results!



Finally, let's not forget the epic strides we've made as a culture, particularly in changing the conversation around menstruation. We've seen so many of you speak up on social media about your cycles, and we're so stoked. This truly makes, and will continue to make, a huge difference for girls and women around the world.

(Source: Layla Eshan, Menstruisms)


Happy 4th of July, from Team THINX!


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