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Go Shawty, It's Yo' Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we're drawing attention to some of our fave sustainable fashion brands.

T H E   R E F O R M A T I O N

For those of you who are not yet in-the-know, The Reformation is an eco-friendly fashion powerhouse––a conscious alternative to fast-fashion chains. Led by founder Yael Aflalo, the company maintains a high standard of ethics, sourcing from new and vintage eco-fabrics, in addition to upcycling deadstock (that's fashion-speak for using fabric that would otherwise be discarded). As determined recyclistas, we're now more than ready to transition to a totally sustainable, but still chic, closet.


V A U T E   C O U T U R E

Vaute Couture was created by animal rights advocate and style maven, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Endorsed by the likes of Oprah, Vaute is revolutionizing what it means to create compassionate fashion. The collection, which ranges from chic outerwear to whimsical graphic tees, is completely vegan-friendly. Gone are the days of animal friendly wares being equated with patchouli, amorphous dresses, and tevas (halleulujah)!

Designing zero waste ready-to-wear is not a new endeavor for Malaysian born Yeohlee Teng, at the helm of boutique fashion house Yeohlee. She's has been creating sustainable clothing since the 80s––hello, visionary! Yeohlee designs for the 'urban nomad,' uses as little fabric as possible, and manufactures her thoughtful pieces in New York. Overall, she's pretty dope. While we may not be able to pony up for one of her Tsunami jackets just yet, we've just added it to the top of our Christmas list. Never too early, right?


Study is a burgeoning New York-based line founded by Tara St. James. Similar to larger retail companies like Everlane, Tara is extremely passionate about transparency. She emphasizes sustainability throughout all aspects of her line's production; her simple and stylish pieces are rooted in no-waste pattern-making and an open sourcing of materials. Study's creations are not limited to clothing, she also has a killer collection of woven accessories. We'll take one in each size, please!


It's safe to say that Maiyet is today's ethical luxury maverick (and this is no longer an oxymoron). Co-founded by human-rights advocate Paul Van Zyl and former fashion executive Kristy Caylor, this fierce duo is redefining what it means to manufacture high-end apparel and accessories. In addition to partnering with NEST, Maiyet works with a team of global artisans to produce their eye-catchingly conscious, yet totaly luxurious, offerings.


Just gonna go ahead and pat ourselves on the backs here, guys––THINX is all about making our monthly cycles more sustainable. Our undies allow all of you lovely ladies to forgo panty liners, and even pads and tampons on light days. They also pair very nicely with super earth-friendly solutions like menstrual cups :) Not to mention they keep all of your clothes and sheets safe, so they can last longer too! And, our giveback works to get girls washable, reusable cloth pads, as opposed to disposable ones.

Feelin' like bettering the planet for Earth Day? Head to right meow and use code GOSHAWTY for $5 off today only!

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