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How I'm Celebrating Women's Herstory Month!

Written by Emma Glassman-Hughes

I’m calling this one, “I Really Want To Celebrate The Start Of Women’s Herstory Month But Also It’s Midterms Week And I Need To Be Able To Describe The Conflicting Nature Of Globalization And Nationalism In A Written Test Tomorrow So This Will Be Pretty Brief--An Epic Tale of Triumph.” Enjoy.

Though the obsession with women’s herstory (his story gets the other 11 months outta the year, so let’s just chill) is def a year-round deal for Team THINX, we couldn’t be more excited to embrace the actual holiday and kick off the month of March with a big ol’ celebration of ladies. Life-givers, game-changers, bread-winners, and soul-searchers alike, we don’t need to tell you that, as a general rule, women basically slay 24/7; because if you aren’t one yourself, you certainly at least know a few cuterus-uterus owners who are changing the world for the better.

Right now, we’re fortunate enough to be in the middle of a unique historical moment where political herstory is being made in front of our eyes; whether you love her or not, it’s a simple fact that Hill is the first woman in our nation’s two+ centuries of existence to make it this far and find this much success in a presidential race. Politics aside, that precedent makes for a pretty rad way to ring in the month of March, dontcha think?

Let’s also not pretend that the necessity of recognizing and honoring black history just magically disappears with the setting of the sun on the final day of February. The back-to-back nature of the two months is no coincidence and is nothing if not incredibly convenient for the purposes of keeping our feminism racially intersectional--which we can all agree is beyond crucial.

As the clock strikes midnight and my carriage turns back into a pumpkin (and my Global Studies midterm grade hangs precariously in the balance), I’ll wrap things up with a nonexhaustive list of my feminist #goals for the month on a sliding scale of concrete to abstract. Then YOU tell US yours!

Emma's personal goals for March 2k16:

  • Incorporate more Beyoncé into my life
  • Support women-run companies with a responsible, sustainable model (hey there *wink face*)
  • Actually *do* my homework, in honor of all the girls worldwide who are deprived of an education
  • Volunteer more at Planned Parenthood
  • But also recognize the separate forms that reproductive justice can take, like in Flint.
  • Travel, even if it’s just to right outside my door
  • Eat more fiber
  • Recognize the oppression of, and find patience for, all kinds of people
  • Redecorate my room so it’s cozier and warmer
  • Hug my mom and grandmas (or virtual-hug my mom and grandmas)
  • Engage controversy and invite criticism
  • Don’t settle for belittlement
  • Laugh a lot
  • Make other people laugh a lot
  • Be a meaningful ally for anyone who needs it
  • Honor and embrace my sexuality
  • Get more sleep
  • Talk to more real people
  • Support Hillary Clinton
  • Support women who don’t support Hillary Clinton, and who may not even support you for supporting Hillary Clinton (oof, I’m dizzy)
  • Perform a song somewhere because I deserve the spotlight, dammit
  • Absorb information
  • Bleed free (!!!)
  • ^ Into my THINX!!
  • Weave poetry out of wrinkled clothing and food stains and pimples and unwashed hair
  • Have (safe) sex that gets better every time
  • Make more stories
  • Tell more stories
  • Attend this.
  • Listen sincerely and radically to the stories that are told all around me, whether they’re written, screamed, whispered, or scattered.


A merry Herstory to us all; goddess bless us, every one!

So, what do you want to accomplish this month?

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