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SHE-E-O VOL. 5- It's been a week, folks!


Heyo -  So this is what my calendar looked like for this week. 

Barely had time to number one, let alone number two. But that's cool because I'm in the business of both (had to).  Also my body is killing me from head to toe because I decided to not do my usual morning routine of yoga and meditation, but instead, go to the track at 7am yesterday morning (at McCarren park in Williamsburg).  There were so many (very) recent college grads with (very) recent college athlete builds running around the track, and as per ushe, I couldn't help myself but compete with them. And boy did they compete back.  Cut to my (very) significant hip pain. (Oh and I did, ahem, win, in case you were wondering, not that it matters... but it always does right?). 

I was also very PMS-y this week (my boobs hurt like a) and most of our THINX team has their period at around the same time so I am sure you can imagine what that's like. Actually, there was no drama at all at the office. It's just me and my internal dialogue. I'm pretty sensitive right before my period, so a filled-up calendar was extra tiring this week, I could barely say three coherent things at my third talk of the week (which was last night in Battery Park). And ladies, it's COOL TO ADMIT THAT WE'RE NOT 100% ALL THE TIME! WE BLEED, WE CREATE BABIES, WE HAVE THE SPIRIT-GIVEN RIGHT TO BE EMOTIONAL AND NOT 100% AT ALL TIMES. (But pls don't get angry when PMS-y tho, just whimpery. Whimpery is cute. I like whimpery. I also like saying "whimpery".) OH AND IT'S COOL TO BE WEIRD AT ALL TIMES (or whenever we want to be), ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE PMS-Y AND IT'S FRIDAY LATE AFTERNOON. I mean look at kids, they can flop around and be silly and be totally themselves (which we celebrate) so why do we have to ever be anything but ourselves? And if your place of work or friends or partner in life don't allow you to "let your freak flag fly", then time to go. 

Ok. rant. over. love. you. 

One final thing: I had my THINX board meeting yesterday. It was about 3 hours long and every time I have this meeting, it dawns on me that I have 3 men sitting on my board with no other women except for me. Luckily my CFO and COO were present who are both women. I looked it up and women-led companies outperform male-led companies financially by 28% in both market and performance. I also found out that companies with the highest number of female board of directors outperform those with the lowest by 26% on return on invested capital.  Soooo I guess it's time to find me another woman board member.  Shall I conduct it in the way Trump conducted his running mate search? (Insert canned laughter). 

Till next week,




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