SHE-E-O Episode 9: Welcome To The Undieworld

Episode 9: Welcome To The Undieworld

(AKA, A Look Into Team THINX)

Oh hey it's me again,

Yes--the camera gal, and yes we have another video to share with you.

Because we've all kind-of-maybe survived yet another week on the grind of panty pushing.

So, this time we decided to dive more into the Team THINX vault and pull out a few gems about how we came to be and what our class song would be. ~*No Vitamin C - Graduation references were used in the making of this vid*~

Y'know what they say; your team is only as cool as its leader. Buh-bam. Teamwork, dream work, etc. Now go take your top off and lie in front of the fan cause it's too hot and we're all too beautiful for this.

Until next time or until never again.

- Leigha


YAY! Let’s do this.

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