SHE-E-O Episode 8: You Are The Average of The Five Closest Friends You Keep

Episode 8: Meet (some of) the Friend Crew!

AKA You Are the Average Of the 5 Closest Friends You Keep. 

Hey everyone, it's uh, the camera gal again with another, 'heck yeah we've almost made it through Friday' announcement! I've only managed to listen to my Macy Gray playlist once today, so yes, we-can-do-this.

This week I actually learned the most about our SHE-E-O-- without ever actually filming with her! Instead, I got to meet some of Miki's friend crew and learned about her through their perspectives (and also got to visit their p nice apartments/offices)!! Have you ever heard the saying, "You're the average of the five closest friends you keep?" I read it somewhere... where was that? (Could it have been in the book, Do Cool Sh*t!?)

Well, if you have, that's cool and if you haven't, it doesn't matter 'cause you'll find it out now!! So, I'm going to let us all go take off our pants now and start streaming some Gilmore Girls, cuz hey, you gotta start refreshing yourself before these new episodes!

Until next time or until never again.

- Leigha


YAY! Let’s do this.

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